Customer Service Charter

Our symphony orchestra is determined to contribute towards the development of symphonic culture in Korea, as well as to provide audiences with the best performance.

  • We regard our audience's’ experience of quality performance our top priority.
  • We will carefully listen to our audience’s opinions to correct any wrongs.
  • We will make kind and accurate responses to all telephone inquiries and rationally handle civil complaints.

Standards for the Execution of Core Services

Developing cultural prosperity and improving national happiness through symphonic music

  • We will regularly host concerts and local performances in order to provide more opportunities for audiences to listen to classical music.
  • We will regularly host academic programs (open lectures) in order to fulfill our audience’s academic desires.

Providing the best performance

  • We will host world-class concerts and performances by inviting renowned performers.
  • Our orchestra members will constantly improve their skills in order to move our audience’s hearts.
  • We will plan excellent programs that reflect the opinions of our audience.
  • We will deliver the information related to our concerts to audiences quickly and accurately.
  • We will do our best to follow through all originally announced performance schedules and content. In the case of inevitable change, we will do our best to deliver information to audiences as quickly as possible in order to minimize any inconvenience.

Standards for the Execution of Customer Response Services

Attitude towards customers

  • Our orchestra staff will always respond to our customers kindly and gently.
  • We will answer phone calls as quickly as possible and kindly provide explanations. If the person in charge is absent, customers are welcome to leave a memo regarding their inquiries; we will get back to each customer as soon as possible.
  • We will do our best to empathize with each customer, providing all explanations clearly.
  • Performers will try their best on the stage in order to provide audiences with the best performance, assuming appropriate attire and attitude.

Handling any matter of unkindness and/or discomfort

  • We will handle civil complaints first and foremost before any other matter within 15 days.
  • We will notify our customers of the outcomes of their complaints without delay.
  • We will handle any civil complaint according to the regulations related to civil complaints set by the symphony orchestra.