Chairman of the board

이사장 인사말입니다.

"Symphony music is a symbol of cultural advancement and economic power."

The development and management of a symphony is the product of extremely advanced spiritual culture that cannot exist without the development of fundamental cultural arts. Therefore, a country that has an excellent and active symphony orchestra can be said a powerful nation and an advanced country.
Classical music promotes the communication between generations while also creating a single culture that overcomes nation, ethnicity, and ideology.

Korea Symphony Orchestra has continuously strived to popularize classical music to the masses.
It is not an overstatement to say that we have been able to overcome countless troubles and hardships since our establishment in 1985 and rise as one of the top orchestras in Korea on account of your continuous interest and support.

With the past 30 years cooperation in mind, we hope to continue on this journey with you, delivering countless moments of awe. I sincerely thank all the fans who have visited, and promise our growth into a symphony that continuously contributes to the development of Korean symphony music.

Chairman of the board
Myungho Seung

Board of directors

  • Position
  • Name
  • Chairman
  • Myungho Seung [Chairman, Dong Dongwha Enterprise Co Ltd]
  • Auditor
  • Sungman Yoon [Professor, Department of Business Administration, Seoul tech science national university of science and technology]
  • Members
    • Sunyoung Lee [Head, Performing and Traditional Arts Division, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism]
    • Intaek Yoo [President, Seoul Arts Center]
    • Hoyoung Pi[Professor, College of Music, Sungshin Women's University]
    • Jinsoo Jung [Chief operating officer, NCsoft]
    • Seongtaek Park [Former President, Korea Federation of SMEs]
    • Eunkey Yoon [Chairman, Korea Collaboration Association]