Korean Symphony Orchestra

기관소개 글입니다.

Since its establishment in 1985, the Korean Symphony Orchestra has been playing a key part in the history of symphonic music in Korea with a wide array of classical and modern repertoire and various genres including opera and ballet.

The Korean Symphony Orchestra endeavors to fulfill the public’s desire for cultural enjoyment through more than a hundred concerts per year, and expands the base of classical music by crossing the boundaries between film, gaming, and online concerts. It became the first orchestra in the country to have advanced to the OTT (Over-the-Top) service platform and a high-quality archiving project based on 4K resolution video production technology and three-dimensional, multi-faceted acoustic recording technology, pioneering a new listening culture which goes hand and hand with a new media era.

The Korean Symphony Orchestra is taking the lead in fostering future generations of performers, composers, and conductors, the three pillars of any orchestra. The ‘Korean Symphony Orchestra Academy’ educates and nurtures professional orchestral musicians, the ‘Composer Atelier’ fosters a new generation of composers, and the ‘KSO International Conductor’s Competition’ seeks to find a new generation of conductors among worldwide candidates. The Korean Symphony Orchestra dreams of a sustainable future for classical music by supporting a variety of projects that foster the growth and development of the next generation.